Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Reservations and Deposits
A.All reservations require a $50.00 deposit to confirm booking. Events will not be confirmed without the required deposit. The deposit payment comes off the full balance.
Q.Cancellation Policy
A.Cancellations based on customer decision must be made at least 7 days prior to schedule event to receive a refund.

In the case of inclement weather, customers can cancel up to 48 hours prior to the event for a refund.

No refunds or rain checks will be given once the units are delivered and accepted by customer, even if inclement weather follows.
A.All remaining balances are due on delivery with cash or check. Payment must be received at the time of delivery and set up.
Q.Rental Hours
A.Our rentals are for up to 8 hours. We offer one affordable flat rate for up to an 8 hour rental. Renting for less than 8 hours will not affect the price.

Q.Delivery & Set-Up
A.Set up typically takes between 30-45 minutes per inflatable unit.

A person 18 or over must be present on delivery to review the contract, safety procedures, and make the final payment.

Once the inflatable is set up and secured, it cannot be moved. The set up area needs to be easily accessible and free of debris.

The best location to set up an inflatable is an open, flat area with no overhead trees or power lines. Please check the dimensions of your booked inflatable to ensure enough space is available to accommodate the rental. It is the customer’s responsibility to measure in advance for adequate space and provide a flat area for set up clear of objects and debris.

Our staff will return to pick up your rentals within three hours of your requested end time.
Q.Powering the Inflatables
A.Inflatables use a fan blower in order to remain inflated so a source of power (electrical outlet) must be available to power the inflatable within 100' of the set up space.

An electrical outlet is required per unit and must be on separate electrical circuits.

If electricity is not available, then a generator can be rented at an additional cost.
Q.Safety and Operating Procedures
A.Please refer to the terms of use in your contract for a complete list of safety guidelines.

It is important that all users follow the guidelines listed on the agreement.
Q.Damage and Incidentals
A.If your rental becomes damaged while operating, please have all users get off the ride and deflate immediately. Please do not attempt to use the inflatable of any damage occurs. If the inflatable is damaged in any way due to user neglect or not following proper safety guidelines, the customer may be subject to repair and clean up fees.
Q.Park Rentals
A.We are a preferred vendor with the City of Raleigh. If you are having your event at at City of Raleigh Park, you will need to contact the specific park to complete the Rental Agreement. ALL rentals at a City of Raleigh park require generators and must be anchored by sandbags, according to your rental agreement and permit.

Please review the City of Raleigh Inflatable Jumper Guidelines.

If you do not book a generator, we are not able to come back out and provide one the day of your event.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at or call us any time at: (919) 867-5393

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